Beginning Of July - Vintage & Antique Warehouse Sale

Beginning Of July - Vintage & Antique Warehouse Sale

The day is here for our outdoor warehouse sale. We've been pulling from spots even I forgot about and have gathered some really good finds to put in the sale. Some of the items are a beautiful antique Jacobean Dining table for $100, What?! Old farm milk crates for $10, hand-painted chairs for $10, chippy tables under $20.00, really some great stuff! 


This has pretty much been the main focus over the past week. It will be nice to have these items find their new homes and then to be able to have the space to paint and do FB lives again. That is the goal! What are you focusing on this month? Can you believe it is July 1st already?

So I started writing this blog post early in the am and just now am getting back to finishing it. Thank you to everyone who stopped out for our sale! It has been great so far and we've made so much space! I look forward to doing Facebook lives with more ease now and also getting back to painting more furniture pieces! The sale is going on for two more days, and if i can muster the energy, I will add a few more items to it! We are located at 62 E Kott Rd in Manistee, Mi if you would like to stop by and check it out, goes from 9-2 Thursday & Friday. 

I love the 4th of July it is one my favorite holidays. Our little town generally comes to life around this time, and the festivities are usually happening. This year is a bit different but there is still a lot of fun to be had. After the sale today Andy and I went to dinner at the thistle at crystal mountain. We really enjoy going there and i was a nice time! My sister sent me a text showing me that unsolved mysteries is back on the air on Netflix so that's what we are about to binge right now! Which is the absolute best way to end this day imo!

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