Floral Pictures, Vintage Plant Stands, Framed Art, and more randomness in between

Floral Pictures, Vintage Plant Stands, Framed Art, and more randomness in between

The title sums up a glimpse of sales & finds over this past week and a bit into the present week. All of these items I personally love searching for so when my customers request them, it is a given I will find you a great haul, thank you for allowing me to help you find the right pieces to style your home with! 

I am really enjoying this blogging attempt. Writing on Wednesdays seems like a natural fit for me at this moment. In the future I may add an additional day out of the week to write weekly, but this is working with ease for now so I am not about to tamper with that at the moment! 

Last Wednesday I mentioned I was not going to go live but guess what, I changed my mind, big surprise there! The main reason being is Andy and I hit up a couple unexpected sales that were way too good not to get items to you asap! Which is exactly what I did. The Fb Live went great even with some wifi internet connection interruptions so thank you if you were on and continued to get back on to find me mishaps and all. Technology truly is a learning curve and while I may not be a pro at it, I will always be willing to learn and adapt. It truly is amazing what we have literally at our finger tips these days! 

Some big sellers from the last Fb Live were vintage garden planters. Really no need to explain why, they are just so great! I collect them year long and love sharing them with you. Except not my garden arch ;) Not yet, anyways! 

My goal this month is to have our garage/workshop fully cleaned out and to get some contractors in here to start finishing it! The space is amazing and it has been a goal of mine since we purchased the house to one day make it into what it will hopefully become this year. As that journey fully starts I will be documenting it so you can see the progress and results! 

A live Friday Fb Sale for this week is currently up in the air. Lots of work to be done here so we will see what happens. I will most likely go live at 6 PM EST this Friday even if its for a quick minute to share something with you. 

Although items are limited to purchase on the website here under the shop tab from the home page, it has been such a great joy of mine to start chipping away at our website, northernvintagedecor.com 

A little side story. Years ago I had a vision of running a website and had a great mentor at the time who was teaching a class on the shopify platform when it was fairly new. I did not have the money for it and stayed up all night trying to figure out how I could come up with the finances to learn it. I thought and literally prayed if it was half the cost, I could do it. That morning I woke up to an email, she was going to drop the cost by 50% if paid in full. The rest is history, and I learned so much! She also negotiated a great rate for students of the class with shopify so the monthly cost to run it as a host is very low. I am just so grateful and look forward to what is next! Always invest in learning skills you are passionate about, it does pay off! 

Well, that is all for now. The paint line I am a retailer for should be here any day. I have a fully stocked line with all the colors, over 40! Which will be available for purchase on our website here and we can ship or you can pickup if locally in Manistee, MI. I will share what paint company and all of that good stuff when it arrives. 


Have a great week!






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