Jolie Paint What is it, How to Use it, Where to Buy it?

Jolie Paint What is it, How to Use it, Where to Buy it?

Jolie Paint. What is it, How to Use it, Where to Buy it?

Three good questions, and I have the answers for you. First, I should do a recap about how Jolie Paint came into existence for me, and then I can share the rest with you! 

I enjoy a good paint that offers great coverage and quick dry time. But the other key factor for me, is a solid color collection. While Jolie ultimately offers hundreds of color choices because of their custom mix program, for me personally, I was more interested in what the pre-mixed colors already were. Was it something I was going to have easy access to and be ready to use when the desire to create and paint something is strong? The answer to that for me was yes. I instantly knew I had found a paint line that I would be personally using for years to come! So I asked myself, should I become a retailer? I knew I wanted to, but did it make sense? I started working with the paint consistently for a few months. Everything continued to be good and I felt confident it was a wise decision to carry Jolie Paint! Then I sent out my retailer application. Kate is Fantastic! She really spent the time to explain the details of becoming a Jolie paint retailer and answered all of my questions. I am pretty sure she was even working on the weekend to make the first shipment happen for me quickly, and I so appreciate that, so if you are reading this Kate, thank you! From there, I tracked the shipment and a pallet arrived by semi at our home and we unloaded and got to work! 

I started by listing the sample size jars on our website here, I then created a video showing how far a sample size jar really can go coverage wise. I painted an antique parlor table, and corbels, and still have left over paint from the 4 oz sample size jar if I want to paint the butterfly letter holder still (I realized it looks great as is though, so we will see :) 

I knew I always wanted to hold events and create classes/workshops but it just wasn't the right timing in the past. This time it seemed like everything was falling into place. So I reached out to a good friend of mine,Meg, who has a great boutique in Bear Lake, Michigan called Maggie's, and asked her if she would like to have me as a host for a paint class featuring Jolie Paint. It was a yes, and the rest is pretty much history. We SOLD OUT of our first paint workshop class in under 48 hours I believe! It is this Friday at Maggies and the workshop will be covering learning how to use Jolie paint along with embellishments of metal leafing!! The takeaway from the class will provide the knowledge to continue on with confidence on further projects and to enjoy them, that is my main goal! 

So you may be asking, what is Jolie Paint? 

Jolie Paint is a water-based decorative paint with an ultra matte finish. It is 100% acrylic emulsion, containing calcium carbonate and other binders to give it exceptional adhesion properties. Jolie Paint is specifically designed to perform well with a variety of techniques. In other words, it is simply amazing with virtually no odor! 

Now next question may be, How to use Jolie Paint? 

Jolie Paint is pretty straightforward to use with ease. It is also water-based so you can use water to thin it if you want that as an option. I like to do a minimum of two coats, the first to get the piece covered, and the second to finish and have the coverage and color really pop! I then Protect my piece with either wax, or seal with varnish. Dry time between paint coats is about 30-45 minutes. I do use a light coat for the first one. Very little prep is needed beforehand in most cases, usually a good wipe down with furniture cleaner is all I do. Do not use wax on pieces that will be outdoor or in the sun. Jolie also offers an every day guide for more information on how to use their paint & it is packed with details! Email  me if you would like more information on the everyday guide! 

Where to buy? Well, the great news is you can go right on our website to purchase Jolie Paint under our shop section of the website! This is also where you will find out workshops/classes when they are available! If you do not see any at the time, it means the are sold out! But there will be more in the future! Currently I have the sample size jars up on the website but I do have the wax, varnish, embellishments, gold size, and quart size products available if you need them message me I can send out an invoice to you and you can pickup in Manistee, Michigan or we can ship within the US. I plan to have all Jolie paint products up on our website sometime this coming week and we have been selling so much that a new shipment is already out for delivery again to us for this week! Some of our biggest sellers for us so far have been, Deep Lagoon, Eucalyptus, and Malachite, just to mention a few. 


That pretty much wraps up this blog post for the week. You an always email me at if you have questions or if you would like for me to write about a topic. 


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