Jolie Paint Workshop Success, Vintage Haul, Website Items Added + More

Jolie Paint Workshop Success, Vintage Haul, Website Items Added + More

Jolie Paint Workshop Success, Vintage Haul, Website Items Added + More

Well I could have not asked for a better night at Maggie's in Bear Lake for our first ever Jolie Paint Workshop. The ladies in attendance came to paint and everyone's corbels turned out great! I really had a great group show up, thank you to all who came! Maggie's location was a great host location, and her boutique items were a hit also! You will want to check her place out whether you have been there before or not! She is constantly getting new items in and has a great selection of Father's Day Gifts ( it is this Sunday guys)! 

My life is never a dull moment, actually is it pretty fast pace considering where we live! I love being on the go! Which makes picking and hunting down the best sales and items a perfect match for me! And because it is a passion of mine, it comes really naturally. So my mom and I headed out Friday before class to some sales. I just had a hunch we had to go to certain ones in certain order and boy did that work in our favor! I unloaded 4 Subaru outback loads before 11 am! Then we were off to a couple more. I had a pallet of paint coming during this time and also a hair appointment, I know, I know. The pallet was late, the hair got done, and I made it to my first workshop on time! 

Some of the items from the recent haul are available, some have already sold, and some will be listed on our Facebook main page, some also on our website. The website is going to get a lot more attention come end of summer into fall. The paint products are listed now, including the quart sizes. I plan on adding categories  and having it be a smoother shopping experience, but for now, it is what it is, and remember you can pickup in Manistee, Mi to save on shipping costs if you would like. 

I have one more teaser announcement, which this will be the first place on an online platform that I am announcing it! Andy and I are in the early stages of having our workshop finished. Meaning new drywall, electrical, flooring, the whole shebang. Originally we were hoping to get contractors in this fall, but I have some medical procedures that have to be a priority first. So it looks like financially it will have to wait until Spring. But, we can have it cleared out so that when the time comes, we are ready! Which is really great news if you are into vintage and antique items along with architectural salvage, because we have got it! So, we are doing a warehouse sale July 1st through the 3rd, 2020! Location address will be listed at a later date. Everything needs to go, so make sure to come and bring a vehicle you can pack a lot in! We have furniture, doors, architectural salvages, tons of smalls to fill a booth with, heck you could even fill a store! Hopefully we will see you there! Generally our sales start at 9 am but I will need to confirm this before officially stating a start time. Sale will be in Manistee, MI. 

That wraps up today's post. As always, if you would like me to write on a topic, send me an email at 

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