June 2020 Recap - Northern Vintage Decor

June 2020 Recap - Northern Vintage Decor

June 2020 Recap - Northern Vintage Decor

To think we are already heading into July does not seem real to me! June was full of work and activities to stay productive. This month we picked up some of my favorite dressers of the year so far. They are both available and gorgeous, see the pics below! 

Antique Four Drawer Oak Dresser With Ornate Mirror By Estey Manufacturing Co, which was established in the late 1800s.


Dove Tail Drawers
Elegant Hardware
Carved Wood Detail

Mirror has wear markings
Bottom Drawer does not glide with as much ease as the top three do.
Both are fairly quick fixes.
This dresser is priced to sell and as is.

This is a piece that one would not come across quite often if ever again, and is rich in history.

Considering it’s age, I would say it is in very good condition.

Length: 44.5”
Width: 20.5”
Height: 65” H

Priced at $325.00

email Heather@northernvintagedecor.com for further inquiries. 

Then we also have available this Antique Dresser and Full Bed set....

The set is $375.00 as they are right now. They will be painted in about a month if no interest as they are now.

There are some light wear marks/surface scratches but overall great condition for the age!

Perfect for a young girl or young adult!

If you would like it and like it customer painted, I am offering that service also.

Feel free to reach out to me!

Available for pickup in Manistee, Mi!


47” L X 22” W X 35” H add 33.5” to height with mirror attached.

Bed is a full size

Headboard 56.5” L X 48 3/4” H
Footboard 56.5” L X 26”

e-mail Heather@northernvintagedecor.com for further inquiries. 

As you can see, my joy of hunting down antique furniture runs strong! If you are in the market for well made dresser's with intricate detail and ease of glide sliding drawers, these are it! 

June has also brought a new line of furniture paint into our business and that would be the Jolie paint line. I hosted my first class, it was great. We've been able to share this paint with other's by offering it available on our website, northernvintagedecor.com . We have sold out of a few selections already, I have put two orders in this month! The next order will be going out by next week. If there is something you know you want and in larger quantity especially perhaps, make sure to let me know asap and I will make sure it is in the next order! 

The vintage & antique hauls so far this year have been incredible! I would like to have Facebook Lives again. I know several of you have requested them. Right now  it is a space factor more than anything. There is a plan in place that will help with that, but in the meantime the lives may still be able to be a go. I'll have to put a bit more thought and planning into that. What would you like to see for the next FB live? 

This pretty much wraps up the end of blogging for June! I made it through another month staying consistent, writing a weekly blog post that hopefully is adding some value for you. For now once a week on Wednesdays seem to work well with my schedule, a second blog entry may occur in the future each week, will see. If you are interested in a monthly newsletter by email, be sure to subscribe to accept our marketing by email which can be done by signing up for a free account at northernvintagedecor.com and then opting in to receive the marketing from us. 

If there is a topic you would like me to write about, email me at Heather@northernvintagedecor.com and I will make it happen. 

All the best,



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