Random Thoughts & 10 Tips To help You With A Virtual Live Facebook Shopping Event

Beginning again, working the business, and interacting with customers,

has been  a great experience for me.

It has opened my eyes to what I want to do and share with you and It's really

exciting! I love that so many of you have such similar interests 

that bring joy to life and the home. From old antique & vintage items, to hand-

painted furniture, to the memories that they bring back from seeing a very similar

item that was once at grandmas house or somewhere similar. 

I could go on, but I think you get the point. 


So after taking a long extended break (3 years) pretty much, I feel confident to

say, I am back. Back to share with you and help you find what you need.

Whether that is an actual physical item, some hope, or a laugh, I am here for

you! I know what it's like to think a dream is over with for good. I also know

what it's like to have that real deep gut knowing which is basically an encouraging

and often times for me intense  feeling to just try one more time.

It is a beautiful thing when that happens my friends. 


Some of you may know I have been doing Virtual Live Facebook Shopping 

Events Friday's at 6 PM EST. The first one was incredible and we are ready for 

another! It takes me a good amount of hours to prep items and get everything

prepared. Overall it is a smooth process and actually turned out to be a much

more doable task than I originally thought.

I love hearing what my viewers are interested in seeing and possibly

purchasing for their home. So if you will be attending, send me over an email, at


of what you would like to see! If i have it, I will definitely do my best to make

that happen! 

When I prep items for the live sale I tend to set systems in place and do a lot

of batch-working. I pick in my workshop for now, yes that is a thing, and if not, I

just made it one, and then clean each item along with like items and then

assign numbers and prices.

Now, that may sound great in a perfect world, but for example,

the first live I wasn't able to tag each item on time. 

It worked out and was a good learning curve, however, 

I know how to fix that going forward, which basically ends up being a time

management correction. All in all I enjoy presenting live shopping events.

I have always enjoyed researching items and this has me buckling down and

really doing it, and I am okay with that!

If you are considering doing a Facebook live shopping event here are 10 tips to

help you with your first Facebook live shopping event

that you may want to consider and implement. 

1. Test your audio and video quality BEFORE your live event.

This helped me tremendously, and I will be doing it every time now because you

just never know.


2. Listen to what your customers want.

I know us pickers have a lot of items

we want, but your customers may want different items. While I am a firm 

believer in having a niche, be flexible with that and it should serve you well. 


3. Do not worry if you are doing everything right.

We are human and make mistakes. If you show up you will get to where you want

to be a lot faster. 


4. Batch-work. Pick, clean, price and number. Get it? Your batch-work does not

have to be the same as mine, but creating that system will save you so much

time and energy. 


5. Consistency. 

Try to stay consistent on when you are going live and when the end time

will be. 

 The first live we did was two hours, it worked out great, but going

forward I am going to try an hour and see how that goes. I also like to add an end 

time so people can know what to expect and adjust their schedules accordingly. 


6. MARKET! I can not stress this enough! I created a Facebook live event page

on my business FB page and then just went with it. I did write in the discussion

and posted pictures of some items that were going to be at the live in the event


I did no paid advertising for the first live, it was all organic.

It ended up having a very successful reach and engagement, and for that I am

thankful. If it is in your budget I would strongly encourage paid advertising

(boosts) at times when you think appropriate, also.

It does not have to be an enormous amount and it shouldn't be, IMO. I will be 

adding more marketing tips and information in some of my next blog posts, along

with an e-book, but hopefully this helps give you an idea of where to start. 

7. Follow up with your customers. If they ask questions, answer them! 

Get back to them. Acknowledge them. You wouldn't be here if it wasn't for 

them. Always remember that and stay humble. 


8 . Invoice, learn how to do it.

Find a platform you are comfortable with and watch

a video on how to do that if you do not already know how to use it.

I use the shopify  platform which also accepts PayPal payment and there is no

turning back for me. I have nothing but good things to say about shopify,

plus the customer service rocks. I am a long time user on the platform, shopify,

so my price is very minimal a month. Do your own research to determine what will

work best for you. 


9. Have a helper if you can. A lot of the work I did alone leading up to the sale, 

but my mom did help me the night of the live and that I am so thankful for.


10. Have fun. If it isn't fun and is causing you more stress, just stop. Nothing is

worth that. Find what works for you, as we are all different, and once you do, run 

with it! If Facebook lives are your thing, great keep watching.

I have an e-book in the works to help you elevate your sales while rocking those

Facebook lives and beyond! 


I hope you have enjoyed this blog. I plan to write once a week and go from there.

If there is a topic you would like to hear about from me or what to learn more of,

send me an email. 


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