Some Of My favorite Antique + Vintage Finds Over The Years

Being someone who keeps their eyes open for interesting pieces I see a lot over the years. Some items you see once in a lifetime, others are fairly common. In this post I want to share a few items that are contenders as some of my favorites from over the years, and why I like them. This post will not show all of them but it gives you a glimpse into what some are! 

So this photo is a 3 for 1 pic. Not only are the items amazing, the stories to acquiring these are priceless. The dress form had a very nice cage and cast iron base. I would say it was from the early 1900s well made, authentic, and hard to find. I sold this in my early booth days to help pay my rent and make a profit. I am sure whoever purchased it is still enjoying it to this day.

The next item is this fun trunk. I believe this one was purchased from an online auction and then Andy and I went to pick it up. It was larger than expected and we barley had room for it, but we made it work. Trunks are really hit and miss for me to resell but this one had great curves and was just super unique and in great condition for being over 100 years old. Leather handles intact and all. So yes, I had to add it. It ended up selling to a woman who I believe enjoyed collecting trunks because she purchased two that day. 

Lastly is the birds eye maple buffet. We've had this item in our home for 5+ years now maybe even closer to 7. Longer than Andy and I have been married if that's the case! So the story with this piece goes is we went to an estate sale near Frankfort that was literally on top of a hill. We could not drive to to the house and had to walk a ways to it. Right away I knew this was the sale I'll find some great furniture at and then I will have to hear Andy talk about how we are going to get it to the car....! Oh well, it worked out. Persistence does pay off, and it was a fabulous sale!

Some of my favorite pieces to this day were from that estate. It was also a living estate and the owners were there so they knew a lot of the history on the pieces. Towards the end I went into the house and noticed a four seasons type of room that almost looked blocked off but it wasn't. So i walked in and seen a few items for sale but turned a corner and then here was the buffet. Andy eventually caught up with me and I told him to guard it with his life I had to be back to find out what the price was since there was no sticker... Well during that time four women swarmed the piece and asked him what they had to do to get it. For anyone who goes to these regularly, you know how it can go. Unfortunately for Andy, he was new to all of this. He did tell the ladies, well my wife said I have to guard it with my life. After that, they kind of left him alone.

Meanwhile, I am speaking with the owner about the piece and price, she told me $20.00! I asked her to come with me to see it because I thought she may have been mistaken on the piece and I wanted to be sure. She wasn't, that is what she wanted for it! So we loaded it up along with some other purchases and made our way home. Side note, this rarely happens. Generally a piece like that would be priced used for well over $100 and not in as nice shape. It takes a lot of time and favor to just happen upon deals like this, I know that and am thankful. 

This next item was found south of Manistee at another estate sale in the basement. It was most likely in a dining area. I would say it is from around the 1920s. I loved the window on it and the legs, overall the style is great. I've kept it and left it original. It has been out in the workshop, one day I may give it a deep cleaning and bring it inside. 

For the longest time I loved this large three tier iron piece. We purchased it years ago and when we had the store, I used it to store our bags and packaging supplies in it, worked well for that season. After we closed the store I sold it to another shop owner, so I am guessing she used it to display or store some of her items too. 

Below is a vintage rattan hanging chair swing which has pretty much been a staple in our front yard since we've lived here. In fact, I love it so much a couple years ago I found another one and purchased it for when the first one is not longer in usable shape! 5+ years ago these were cool but not trending like they are now. If you look at the egg chair from target which is kind of similar the asking price is $400+. No thanks, I will stick with my vintage and antique finds all day long! 

These two gorgeous rugs I stumbled upon at a church sale years ago. I believe they were made in Israel. Gorgeous well constructed and hand-made. I used them in an antique booth for awhile and stage furniture pieces with them every so often. 


The next beauty is this gorgeous floral couch! I purchased this last minute from an auction. Knowing full well I had less than 24 hours to pick it up and get it loaded in the trailer for a show we were heading to out of town. It all worked out though! The couch ended up selling at the show, and it was a new boutique owner who was purchasing it for their shop. I later seen a photo of it in their shop and it was definitely meant to be! 

When I first started typing the blog post this am, I didn't think I had this many favorite finds and there are more to add.. I will do a round two of this blog later on down the road. 

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