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Turning A Space Into Your Own & Other Thoughts

Yesterday the "famous" green couch picture popped into my FB memory feed.

 I loved the process of creating this space, some of  my therapy at

the time, even though I had all sorts of emotions going on. Looking back, 

accomplishing what I did even though I was "going through hell", was pretty 

remarkable. Too bad we usually don't realize that until afterwards. Live and learn,

right? I know I sure have! 

The first question I usually hear is, "where did you get that green couch?"

Simple, I ordered it off wayfair, but I knew exactly what I was looking

for. I think if you can create a plan and vision in your mind the outcome of success

is going to be a much greater chance. So I knew I wanted a velvet couch,

specifically a green velvet couch. I preferred a foot rest to go with it and it had to

have a pull out bed. Lastly, it had to be under $500.00 (the couch).

I will admit, I usually do not spend money on new furniture. I am a scrappy, thrifty.

woman who wants a deal with value even if it is pre-owned, I am okay with that.

Aside from our bed, no piece of furniture in our home was purchased new by us!

BUT, I did it. and then I went with the color scheme of what I already had on hand

to make  this look happen.

Everything pictured happened for under $1,000.00! I should add

another factor with the couch purchase was that it had to ship for free or at an

exceptionally low cost,

which it did ship free to me! I also had a coupon and going 

forward I would use a cashback service also. Currently I use coupon cabin and 

have has good results with discounts and receiving cash back. Generally I cash

those out for amazon gift cards but that is another blog post. 

So I am just going to recap how this room worked. starting from the left side of the

photo and then ending at the couch/footrest and buffet. The MCM modern side

table I found at a sale I believe for $15.00.

It is in sturdy condition and has one pull out drawer.

The wicker chair photographed is an antique native american wicker chair set 

(I picked up two), for $30.00 total that year at a sale. The plant and tray on the

table were $5.00 total from a thrift shop.) Floral Wall art was $3.00 total and I 

have three. The black wall decor hanging in the hallway was a gift. The antique

half moon shaped mirror was found at a living estate sale for $12.00. I have 

such great memories of that estate, the people, the day, I will write about that

at another time. My dad helped me hang this mirror and saved it from sliding

out of the wood frame! He is always a quick thinker and smart worker and I 

appreciate him so much and everything he has taught me in life. It was always

for my good and I can see that today. I believe because of his attention to 

detail and how things work (along with being an auto-body mechanic for 20+

years) is why I have the "good eye" some comment that I have today.

I grew up in a garage seeing things being painted and how tools worked

and that's what I knew! Thanks, dad! 

The galvanized letter mail holder was from target for $10.00 on sale. 

Wicker planter with faux eucalyptus was thrifted for $5.00.

Yellow floral serving tray which came in an auction box lot so

it broke down to $3.00.

Glazed Ceramic book-ends were thrifted for $10.00.

Lantern was from an auction for $7.00, yes, I know what a deal! I was also there

for eight hours that day and the weather was in the high 80s. 

If you've never experienced that, those deals are about the only thing that 

keep me there, and they don't always happen, but I am still there!

Red lantern was an auction item for $3.00.

Bird cage was from a local antique sale paid $20.00 and traced it's roots 

to one of the first pet stores in the US. I may write about that in another blog post.

Large Green Lantern 12.00 auction item. 

Rooster Tin Thrift $3.00

Antique Woodworking Plane $3.00

Mccoy Tulip Planter Purchased at a market for $12.00 

Floral Decor Tray thrifted for $2.00

White Faux Rose Florals - $5.00 Wholesale supplier 

Wicker wall planter $3.00 Thrifted

Amber Bottle $2.00 Local Purchase Bulk buy 

Rug $96.00 Target

Couch $500.00

Footrest $99.00 

Buffet - $75.00 (I painted it and turned the latex paint into chalk paint myself,

so this would be a whole different price if that was under different circumstances


Total- $935.00 


Overall I picked something I knew I had wanted for a long time and then

created the color palette around that. It's a bit risky, maybe not everyone's 

taste, but that is okay, I did it for our home. I do feel that anyone can apply

this strategy though, to come out with a decorated space they can call their own! 


What would you like me to write about next? Send an email to 

You can remain anonymous. I am here to add value for you! 


All the best,




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