Vintage + Antique Items Added To Website & An Upcoming Pop Up Outdoor Show

Vintage + Antique Items Added To Website & An Upcoming Pop Up Outdoor Show

You guys, I have had an incredible season this year of finding some incredible items! If you are about storage and organization, the items I've recently posted on can definitely help you achieve that look and they have a functional purpose, win, win. I am going to share these items with you in a bit of detail and share with you how I would personally use/style them. 

This metal industrial organizer is nothing short of amazing. Each drawer opens, allowing for ample storage, some have multiple dividers in them. I believe it was used to store hardware in a workshop at one point, I personally would store bits & pieces, small tape rolls, paper, stationary items, buttons, etc. This item placed on a desk or tabletop would allow you the option to also decorate the top of it with items you enjoy. Amber colored bottles with floral's to add a touch of feminine style with the industrial look pairs well. Picture frames, you could even use it to store your desktop items on top. Or maybe you have a whole other idea of use(s), if so, share in the comments below! If you love this item, it is currently for sale on our website and we can ship it within the US, too! Link below 

Link to view metal industrial orgnaizer:


Okay, this beauty is for all the paper lovers who also enjoy a great primitive piece! I can just imagine bits of odds & ends stashed in each cubby along with someone's ephemera collection. Little jars filled with buttons and keys, scissors, tape, pens, bottles, etc! This primitive cubby organizer offers so much potential and it would look great also in a boutique as a display piece! How would you use/style this item? Share with me in the comments below! 

Link Below to View The Cubby Organizer:


Okay, I think these vintage cheese boxes are just great! So much detail went into these back in the day. This one is long enough to store paint brushes in it, which is one way I would personally use it. I also like how floral's and plants look in these. I have used the cheese boxes as table centerpieces and filled them with different seasonal items, works great and an item you can use all year round without having to store it away until the next holiday season! How would you style this item, share in the comments! 

Link below to view the globe cheese box:

The last item to mention for this post are these great vintage industrial metal drawers with a handle on each side! I love adding plants and floral's to these! Succulents really make these beauties pop! Office supplies would definitely be a good fit to store in these also, even beach keepsakes, beach glass anyone?! How would you use these industrial drawers, share in the comments! We have two available and the listing is for one item each! 

Link to metal drawers below:

Alright, well that wraps up sharing some of the items I've listed this week on our website with you. There are more items added that I didn't touch base on this week in the blog post, if you are interested go to and check them out! 

I will also be a vendor at a pop up show in our town this coming Saturday July 18th from 10am-4pm. I hope if you are local you can stop by! I will be bringing vintage and antique items along with the Jolie Paint line. I'll also be adding in some pre-owned clothes and jewelry, various sizes!  Hope to see you Saturday! The location is 555 First Street Manistee, Mi 49660 in the Armory Youth Project Parking Lot.

As always, if there is a topic you would like me to write about, email me at 

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