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Well Hello Guys! Happy 2021!

Hello, Good morning! 

I hope all is well with you! I am very well and excited to be back sharing with all of you whether it be by writing blog posts, postings on our multiple social media channels, or creating videos! 

I've been greatly enjoying posting Facebook Lives with you on our FB Platform and last night I actually created a YouTube channel for Northern Vintage Decor (please check it out & subscribe if this is of interest to you)!  Link below to our YouTube Channel!

Another offering we are doing here at Northern Vintage Decor is Virtual Paint Classes and shipping of furniture within the 48 US states! This is actually a HUGE undertaking for us and I am vey passionate about it and look forward to what is to come! 

 I also wanted to mention, if you are not signed up for a free account at, please do so. Even better, if you opt in to receive emails from us, you will hear certain news first! As in, when new products drop for the first time on our shop website! Now if you already have an account but have not opted in to emails, do so, and you will start receiving them from us shortly. I am not going to spam you, and you always have the option to unsubscribe. 

I will post our YouTube channel link, check it out, share with me your comments, hit the like button, subscribe, do all the things to help support me I would so appreciate it! Oh I also have some Valentines stuff in the works! So much guys, so much, I will be sharing as the weeks progress! Have a great day!

All the best, 


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