Why are Facebook Lives Feared? Let me help you with that!

Why are Facebook Lives Feared? Let me help you with that!


Here I am a newbie to FB Lives sharing about how to do them and have success,but you know what, it is true, I am proof! So if I can do it, so can you. In total I have completed 3 FB Live Shopping Events selling vintage & antique items. I would highly recommend if you are going live that you will be sharing or selling something that you know information about pretty much right off hand and also something you like, that usually helps with motivation. I put in a lot of hours leading up to the day of a live. I should have kept better track, but I do not have the data on it at the moment, maybe I will for the next. But in any case, if you do want to track your work hours on certain task(s), there is an app for that. 


So why is there a fear or insecurity with going live? I do not have the answer for others only what I've personally experienced, but I do know it is a common feeling. Anytime one puts themselves out there, you are allowing the good and bad criticism to follow suit shall we say. Honestly though, people are going to think and talk no matter what and those are their thoughts, not yours, and not necessarily truth, either. At the same time, there is a lot of good and positive talk also, so you really just have to stay true to yourself. Basically caring what people think has got to go. Being camera shy also has to go. Worrying about how you look, on camera, ya, bye, that has to go.Instead, think about what could and will go right. Set your mind up with power thoughts basically. Stop holding yourself back, and go for it! Are you a teacher?Great, teach a live class on a topic you enjoy. People like to learn. Your market will find you. Jewelry designer, decorator, designer, creator, etc, you all have skills that would work great on FB lives!

Now maybe you just do not want to do them, that is okay. There are plenty of options to share gifts and talents while not being one camera. But for those of you who want to but are fearful because of the above thoughts mentioned, practice power thoughts, set yourself up for success by planning, go back to my first blog post and read the 10 tips for a FB live, and then do it!

Then let me know how it goes :)


I had a question about how to test audio & video before going live. I've actually done it going live as a practice test, I just put testing live audio & sound in the video title and then go live for a couple minutes. People  will pop on, I ask if they can comment if the audio and sound works, it has always served it's purpose that way. I also do this several hours before my actual live shopping event. In the event there is an audio or video issue, it can hopefully be resolved before the main event. 

In my last post I wrote about decorating our living room, lots of questions on where the couch came from. I purchased it a couple of years ago on wayfair! I also want to mention, do not get discouraged if you do not have immediate sales during a live. It is so labor intensive at times that obviously one of the goals for a shopping event is financial profit. I have had both, but I tell you,not everyone is on that live during the time you go live. So, remember, leave the video up, and it will be watched. I have had many sales after the lives simply because someone didn't have time to watch it until a later date/time. The good news, each time I have went live I would say I have sold about 40-50% of items shown within that week! That is huge, sometimes I show almost 100 items! I am sharing this to help guide you and let you know what is possible! 


With all of that being said, I will not be having a live shopping event this week. I will be going live Friday at 6PM to chat, but no big shopping event. I am sort of playing catch up with some custom furniture paint orders. Along with many other important tasks, which I look forward to sharing with you in the upcoming blog posts. 


Until then, enjoy the rest of your week! For topics you would like me to write about I can be reached at 








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