Heather's General Store

Hey Guys! I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite go to products that may not exactly be vintage or antique but are still great items in there own way! As the years grow with the business I am learning more about each and every one of you and it is really coming together great. What to expect in this section of our online shop you might wonder? Well for starters, Theo chocolate, and man is it ever good! Now, If we are being honest, most of us love a great purse/handbag/tote without breaking the bank and girl, I've got you covered in that department too! So far we've covered chocolates, purses, and the next items will be a variety of gift and stationary goods. Continue to watch for new item's and sign up for a free account on our website to receive special offers and to shop online! Thank you for supporting my small business it means so much to me!


Heather K